Raquel Vermunt – 1993
Visual artist based in Rotterdam

My work consists of video works, installations and architectural interventions in the (exhibition) space.
The work is characterized by the use of the camera as a recording and mediating instrument.I move on a thin line
between the moving and the static image.


2012-2016 Fine art at AKV| St.Joost,  ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2017-2018 Bcademie, Rotterdam

group shows
30 maart t/m 18 mei 2019, CO/LAB 4, Torrance Art Museum (Los Angeles, USA)
02 t/m 06 mei 2019, Alchemy Film & Arts Festival (Hawick SCH)

2019 Ithaka #27, arts festival (Leuven BE)
2018 on my way to the Galactic Supermarket, need anything? Garage Rotterdam (Rotterdam NL)
2018 B.a.d Lab: Test Results #2, Foundation b.a.d. (Rotterdam NL)
2017 Bcademie, Wandschappen (Rotterdam NL)
2017 I’m trying to understand the universe, kunstenaar Liza Wolters, Gastcurator
Willem Twee kunstruimte (‘s-Hertogenbosch NL)
2017 ‘Leviathan’ kunstenaars Anique Weve & Inge Aanstoot, Gastcurator, Willem Twee kunstruimte (‘s-Hertogenbosch NL)
2017 Juncta Position, Willem Twee kunstruimte (‘s-Hertogenbosch NL)
2017 De Grote Brabantse Kunstkalender, (NL)
2016 Foederer Talentenfonds, Group, Glow (Eindhoven, NL)
2016 Theaterfestival Boulevard, Group, Verkadefabriek (‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL)
2016 Launch, Graduation show AKV| St. Joost (‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL)
2016 oui wie we, Tac (Eindhoven, NL)
2015 SHACK, DMT Loods (’s Hertogenbosch, NL)
2014 Raamwerk, Sociaal experiment | Collectief Wit Koningstheater (’s Hertogenbosch, NL)

2018 Alchemy film & moving image residency, Tissardmine, Morocco

2016 Jheronimus Award, AKV St.Joost, Den Bosch (winner)

2016 Metropolis M no4, Graduation publication
2016 Mister Motley, Graduation show

current positions
2016 – core member art initiative Club Solo (Breda, NL)
2016 – executive producer, together with filmmaker Joep de Boer we make a series of trailers about the artists who exhibit there work at artist initiative Club Solo in Breda.

2017 guestcurator Willem Twee Kunstruimte (‘s-Hertogenbosch NL)
2016 -2018 assistant Ine Lamers (Rotterdam, NL)